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Having problems with staff Davita Applle ave Muskegon Mi. Unprofessional,ill treated,and non responsive from Director Rebecah. Placed on machine that did not work. The person who set it up knew that it was not working. When maintenance was call he stated what was wrong with the machine. Rebecah refuse to return call from Tuesday December 6, 2016 and I was told she is unavailable for next 2 days, by office manager Amy. I am african american who... Read more

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My husband does his dialysis treatments in Bradenton fla, off cortez. The main lady nurse in charge NANCY. She is a lazy womaan unable to keep a successful staff. She is forever rude to her patients. Making it more miserable than it already is. She is down grading. I am sad to know when my husband getts home he has such awful things to say abt his time there. This has been going on now for over a year. I wish someone would look into her... Read more

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I was put on dialysis in May 2009, 2 times a week. in October I was put on a potassium binder, kayexelate for 2 weeks.l went on the web to look up the side affects. it is made with a plastic called polystyrine. it is used in making styrofoam cups, takeout trays. websites recommend it is so dangerous it should not taken. on November 21 20016 I was put on another potassium binder sodium polystyrine. a web search showed it could cause seizures. how... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 20
  • #958332

Employees bring fast food and they leave kitchen door open. Ask to close and was told dont smell. Door should be closed t all times. This is davita in chico california. Is not easy to do dialysis in this enviroment. Lots of problems here. This just one problem.

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I have talk to them about the temperature in the patients area for a year now its very cold that its make your bone ache the manager would tell me the company wants the temperature to be 73 degrees but if its 55 degrees out side and its set on 73 inside the ac will not kick on so that's a lie its set well below 73.Next we been going toe to toe about the patients area floors being very dirty blood dropping every where and carb chemical residue... Read more

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The air in davita is very cold that it make your bones ache and you tell them about it and they do nothing about it they wont change the temperature. they use bleach to clean the machine which could cause respiratory problems and eye problem I go home after treatment with bleach stains on my cloths and strong odor smell on my cloths.the smell of bleach makes me sick and they don't care so disrespectful.Most of the time the patients dialysis... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 17
  • #957080

I went to the davita nurses for help and they told me what they thought was wrong with me not a doctor. Their solution to the extreme pain im having is to let it work itself out. Ive am been currently going on nine days with this pain with nothing being solved. And their attuitude was terrible. Very upset.

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 15
  • #955405

Its a crying shame that staff will not allow patients to use bathroom even before being hooked up to the machine because the claim they are not allowed to even assist with helping patient get out of recliner and to the restroom. Shame on them. They should have to sit in their on waste for 4 hours straight.

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Husband has been on hone peritoneal dialysis since July 2016. During training we made 3-4 trips per week at 60 miles per round trip. Husband wanted a clinic closer to home. The original clinic recommended Da Vita in North Kansas City, MO which is about 3 miles from home. The nurses apparently do not like answering questions. At 3:00 AM five days ago husband was in excruciating pain with shoulder muscle cramps. My call to the 24/7... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 11
  • #953051

Just watched tech spend over 30 minutes tslking to patient while lights were going off and she ingored them and nurse doesnt care. North davita chico tech name is jen. Nurse is tammyand patients are in trouble.

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