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Last year, the beginning of the year. I chose this doctor because she was a D.O.

I've come to do that since all of my medication allergies became clear. D.O.s tend to have a more liberal attitude towards alternative meds. I met her. I had my notes of health concerns for the visit.

My health is important to me. At some point she spoke the words, "Well, I am the doctor, " when I was trying to explain something to her. When I told her about all the medications I am allergic to, I also told her that there is a test I read about and would like to get. She then said, with smug look on her face, "Does it really matter?" I didn't get it.

Then I did. I'm not a spring chicken, but I'm not 100 for many years. Yes, my health matters to me.

And blood tests are only done on Thursdays.

It doesn't matter that you are there that day. You have to come back on Thursday.

"Managed care" means little care and no humanity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Davita Facility.

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