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DaVita renal services has recently assumed control of my Grandmother's Dialysis clinic. She is a sweet little thing and more likely [than not] to be quiet; even when abused by the bully-type of person.

Place: DaVita Dialysis , Month/Year: January 2012:

My Grandmother goes to her regular dialysis appointment and must be hooked up to her machine. during this procedure the technician became visibly aggravated and began to tug and pull on her arm-catheter that is IN her sweet little arm and veins. This Man decided he can Physically harm her by intentionally tugging this assembly away from her arm/body as he glared angrily in her eyes.

Her friend confirmed this as a witness. I considered that she may be over exaggerating and asked this person. She took a day or two to even tell me about this because she is timid (I am not). The pain just persisted enough that she felt it was a concern… so sweet. We are customers without a choice because she is chained to this treatment in order to stay Alive which she has the right to; without fear of retaliation.

And this is why she won't allow me to say anything right now. She is tiny but can be demanding LoL ;) Truly when I think of this it makes me so angry and I realize that I must write to contain the anger as he put his non-caring hands on a people that need his help and is historically quick-to anger. And this is [seemingly] historically ignored. That is why I must try this avenue at this point because of the PHYSICAL abusive nature of this continued treatment and stress for her. This situation is Known and probably documented by now. HISTORY shows that this manager does nothing as this tech sleeps on the actual FLOOR or the Clinic (where is that legal or safe?)

Sad that these people are rewarded a job and that my grandmother has to consider leaving her home because these type of people retaliate by harming her more and she is scared. So sad that this person; no actually, these two people (the bully tech and the nonexistent boss are BLOCKING her from being FREE in The United States by making her change her plans for her life by doing nothing about a long history of problems.

I am speaking up in hope to help her to be heard. In the DaVita Cottonwood Az clinic; the turn-over rate is scary alone, this is due to the poor quality (and invisible) management of this chaotic mess. Customer Advocacy where are you because this is the worst clinic she has visited and we need help.

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Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #861379

I am SO sorry about your grandmother. Having a myriad of bad (and sometimes life-threatening) experiences with DaVita, the best advice I can give you is to get her to another facility (NOT DaVita) NOW if not sooner. The abuse appears to be company wide.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #750082

I hate Davita.. they are all rude i go to one in Tuscaloosa Alabama .

I had 5 bypass surgery yet. A tech that is pregnant and always asleep or eating told me to sit my self up from reclining position..

wish there was more options here.. would go somewhere else..


I don't know if you are checking this post anymore but you have every right to be concerned about the care of your grandmother. My mother was on dialysis for almost 4 years - i was there every saturday, and other family members with her on tues and thurs.

not a day went by that something did not go right with either her or one of the other patients. i was continually telling the patient techs, that so and so needed help, or so and so was bleeding, etc. there was two techs that actually cared. one time a new tech was hooking my mom up and she couldn't even figure out what to do first and which line to hook up, etc.

i told the head nurse to get over there and this this crazy person away from my mom. the girl acted like she was strung out on some drugs - no exaggeration. and i said, you better to do something with her - i don't want her to be working on any of these patients. they actually let her go about a week later.

my mom's catheter line wasn't working correctly so i had to take her to have a new one put in - the doctor that did this procedure, said that the dialysis unit had to have pulled on it some how and if they would have just FELT it, they would have known it was out. The stories go on and on - even a doctor arguing with me about a medicine his office had prescribed and said he didn't - but i had proof he did. the good techs were told "not to talk to me" anymore. You and family members have to be the advocate for your family member receiving treatment - always checking on them.

it was a constant struggle with the clinic. i still stop by there once and a while to talk to some people i made friends with while my mom was going there - she has since passed away. the people i talk to waiting for their family member keep their eyes and ears wide open, take lots of notes, etc.

and always one is sitting with their family member the whole treatment. needless to say, the clinic staff do not care for them either.

to Joyce #602871



Nola...sounds like you work for DaVita...learn how to spell.


Yet another complaint about something you know absolutely nothing about.

You do not know if the "boss" is doing anything about the tech sleeping or not and you are not entitled to know what action is being done- it's a private matter between the employee, manager and human resources.

Please, please, please educator yourself before you post complaints attempting to harm a company's reputation. You seriously are claiming they are retaliating against your GM? Seriously? I believe there is some retaliatory behavior going on here, but it IS NOT by the company or the employees- you seem to be the one retaliating here, or at least trying to.

to Nola #664285

Hello miss or Mr. I am glad that you ‘happen’ to join in the conversation. In fact it seems that you have is some insight interest in this otherwise why would you take the time to defend managers in general.

You say just what do people think managers are supposed to do; managers have two main goals.

The first of which is to maintain an organized work environment for employees. This means managing schedules in such a way that the employees are not burnt out, singled out, or cut short on their available hours.

The next and main goal is to manage your output. This means providing a quality output for the consumer; no matter what product you are producing.

In the case of healthcare the consumer is the patients and the output is a health.improvement.

In most Arizona and American dialysis clinics this seems to be their goals as well and the patient’s often the most part getting the care they need and able to spend time communicating with healthcare professionals that will help them reach their goals.

These are things I know much about because I’ve done this type of managing more than 20 years. Now I am not perfect but learned from my mistakes.

DAVITA dialysis in Cottonwood doesn’t seem to have the same continuity and flow as the other Arizona clinics I have visited many friends in a few clinics from Phoenix to Flagstaff and know they have an opportunity before and after their treatments to talk about concerns about their health.

In Cottonwood at this Davita clinic there is only 15 minutes of actual time to speak to a nurse, was never enough time for Real attention or get other important parts of their treatment >> and still their major disappointment. The scheduling ‘reads as’ 30 mintes but ‘putting on’ and ‘taking off’ is not included and only 15 minutes remains. Not enough time to talk about concerns about their health.

My friends have told me this So sweet and honest people that do not want to get the nice nurses in trouble so wont say nothing. However the Nurses seem to KILL themselves to help the patient and pressured as much as techs (maybe more)… Thank GOD for you …. Nures!!!!

This is a sad fact that people in rural areas should be treated differently. Why is this is because you think they have no choice or that they don’t know better. Just so you know most people in Cottonwood have money but chose to live away from the busy city. So they should now be pushed around by a manager and a corporation like Davita.

Davita is a company that goes on and on about how great their care is that will allow this to happen in a place they think is out of view of the public so they will allow their manager to schedule this way for the sake of the dollar. This is scheduled this way to cram in more patients with less staff… Very obvious.

So this manager fails; {even compared to her own company’s other clinics).Because the employees are under tremendous pressure and to come and go often it seems as far as having a not and unable to deal with disorganization that is always blamed on someone other than the manager. And yes I have witnessed this on one of my visits in which all she did was yell at some of the best workers there and blame them for things that she clearly mismanaged. Brought a tear to my eye.

I have worked in these situations before and know how much it hurts to care for people only to be yelled at by someone who has no idea what you’re doing and blames everyone else for her mismanagement by being unprofessional .

Furthermore I have seen what my family members and friends have gone through at dialysis clinics so I know how hard it is to know you now have to have dialysis to stay alive. So having good employees that are good to the patient’s and follow procedures so that they stay alive and thrive…….. Is critical.

So this manager fails on the output from the clinic as well. This is not the best care that these patients can get.

Nor is it the best care that these patients deserve.

I pray to God DAV IT A steps in to do something to help these people. Especially if I ever get diagnosed myself.

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