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Why do DaVita employees constantly feel the need to bump or kick my chair while I am asleep!? This has happened to me on more than one occasion.

For example I was laying back with my feet up and my eyes closed. When all of a sudden my chair was struck! I opened my eyes only to find that a dialysis tech had shoved the machine next to me into my chair hitting the bottom of my foot! He immediately points to the machine.

As if the machine was completely to blame. No apology what so ever! By now I am completely Irate. I asked him why did he shove that dialysis machine into my chair?

And he immediately turns to the patient that was on the machine and asked him "did you see me bump his chair? Expecting him to automatically take his side, the patient remained silent. The technician did not take responsibility for his actions nor did he apologize. And so I went to the supervisor and she was no help at all!!!

Which leads me to believe that DaVita thinks that this type of treatment towards patients is acceptable! DaVita sux!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Davita Cons: Management all levels are deceitful and non caring.

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