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I've been reading reviews, and I agree wholeheartedly. They staff is bad, they cut your treatments when they want to, they lie.

The company does whatever it can to save money. And I believe they do hire Asian slaves. I mean, we got some staff that can hardly speak english, with english name like Rebecca, or the most common one: Michelle. The doctors are the worst.

They'll do or say anything to get you to take medicines, and they'll change them in a heartbeat. I've been at this for 15 years. I once went to a Gambro center when it was active. Though not that much better, it's like it all went down the toilet when they were bought by DaVita.

Just today, they made me sign a "do not reuse my dialyser," paper saying that if I didn't they would kick me out. They made me lie. I even called the administrator and evil person for forcing me to do this and his response was "that's Mr. Evil person" basically saying that he is evil and proud of it.

He lied to my face saying it was better for me when, after I asked to talk to my doctor, the first thing he said was "it's cheaper for the company," letting me know right away is has nothing to do with health, but yet another cut corner to save money.

Other dialysis patients; let your opinion be heard.

If you're being mistreated and forced to lie, let it be known.

Product or Service Mentioned: Davita Nephrology Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1234714

Sorry for your mistreatment!!!! I am a Dialysis patient too, almost 7years.

It is a terrible shame that titled healthcare professionals conduct themselves this way! The condition s of these Dialysis centers are a disgrace to healthcare. I am a big mouth at my Dialysis center! I will not let these inconsiderate morans!!!!

Kill me. I will keep voicing my opinions, and fighting for better quality care in these Dialysis centers.

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