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My brother is a client at DSi in South Carolina for the last few monthly visits which he goes three times a week they have been very abusive to him verbally, emotinally as well as physically when it comes down to accessing his site when he tells them how he feels they laugh and walk off showing no concern for his emotional psychological or physical being. I've been a nurse for 29 years and could not possibly treat people the way he has described his care.

But I will tell you the word of God says you will reap what you sow.

So DSi nurses in South Carolina and everywhere God's word does not come back void. You embarrass me as a nurse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Davita Nurse.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The nurse karan and office worker susan has treated my wife really bad and treated some good they talked to her like she is a dog and they called her in a office and told her they want start her any early but some they do she cries everytime she has to go to the abbeville s.c. davita clinic.i am going to try to get my lawer to settle this for me since cms are davita corporate will probably not help. I will not sleep well until something is done about those to wemen

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