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I have talk to them about the temperature in the patients area for a year now its very cold that its make your bone ache the manager would tell me the company wants the temperature to be 73 degrees but if its 55 degrees out side and its set on 73 inside the ac will not kick on so that's a lie its set well below 73.Next we been going toe to toe about the patients area floors being very dirty blood dropping every where and carb chemical residue around the patients chairs and spider webs in waiting room area a dirty area say a lot about how that place feel about their patients that they don't care about them.I also talk to them about the bleach they use to clean the chairs and machine with its toxic and can in time cause lung disease chronic bronchitis and severe irritation to he eyes and asthma.Some of the techs talk out loud and tells the patient personal medical problems and a few who disrespect the patients and talk to them like they are little kids and you never get put on time they are always short on techs.The waitng area very seldom have a person to greet a patient because they have to play tech for that day leaving that area unsecured .

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I am a patient 7yrs so I know procedures. I came in from ER with my wife and a tech yelled from across the room "YOU HAVE TO WEIGH FIRST!

" ok me and my wife goes to my seat.and sit down. Here comes a tech with a new tech and the tech said "I should slap you and kick you My wife was livid. All I could do is calm her down. Her and the trainee walked.away.

I complianed to the nurse in charge.I want something done before I have to call the state!

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