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My husband has been going to dialysis June 2014 first year was okay after that there did they just been rude telling him to go back go back out to the waiting room and wait they weren't ready for him yet or tell him him to come back in the next day cuz he needs to *** some more dry weight I realize they're busy but come on all these dialysis patients are very very sick it's sad as me when I see some of them come in and they're all happy at first and then they come back in and they have no legs you know and then you don't see him at all anymore if they just had someone to care for them and be nice you know and actually have feelings towards their sickness everything would be okay after all that's the reason why they became somebody that took care of people is because we cared. I've only seen one person that actually cared and was the sweetest one and but she doesn't work there anymore her name was Carol we miss you Karen we love you.

And as far as the doctor goes the doctor doesn't have it together he'll say one thing and then you'll go down and get your prescription and he hasn't even called it in yet cuz he's too busy doing other stuff that he shouldn't be doing thank you for your time Signed PISSED Off Since 2015! P.S.

I Love my husband and I know he's sick but you need to show some Compassion instead of straight rudeness. Signed RCM

Product or Service Mentioned: Davita Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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