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For over 3 years we have taken my dad to the Pella IA Davita dialysis. They have had us jumping through hoops a few months after starting.

We were sent to Des Moines 60 miles away several times. Some times were for his fistula being clogged. Every time it was clear and the last time the doctor even put permanent marker on the spots they should stick in the needles since they didn't know what they were doing. We were sent several times to the ER for random things.

One time my dad had a scratch on his eye lid and it had scabbed over and the head of the dialysis said it was cancer. We went and the doctor was so mad that it was a scab and that they are not doctors and shouldn't be diagnosing people. Over the 3 years I only met my dad's doctor 1 time. Most times it was a PA or a nurse that changed his meds.

His run time was at 3 1/2 hours at the last place we went (farther away) but by the time we left Pella they had him on the machine 5 1/2 hours. Sometimes a litttle less depending on if they had something they wanted to do. This was the case on Fridays. What was the last straw was when a tech told us he needed to see his doctor because he was coughing.

Made the appointment but couldn't get in for a week. 2 days later when they pushed my dad out the tech slammed a post-it note in my sons chest and said she set up an appointment with another doctor and he better go. I called the dialysis center and talked to the head lady and told her to let us make the appointments so we for sure can take him. The next day I get a call from human services from our hospital saying that Davita doctor (the tech) turned us in for denying medical attention.

I said that we took him to the appointment they set up. He said they said we were told to take him to the ER on Monday. No we were not. My dad has a med alert button and could have pushed it for an ambulance to take him to the ER at any time.

When I called the Pella Davita again for doing this she said she was sorry that we thought they overstepped. But they would do it again. I said I didn't get a phone call (I have medical power of attorney) and there were lies told. She didn't care still kept threatening and telling me we could take him somewhere else .

At the doctor appointment we set up the doctor informed us he had been questioned and said he has seen us several times for years and he has never seen any abuse of any kind. My dad's house is set up for handicapped and has the med alert button and we have meals delivered 2 times a day 365 days a year and we have a place set up for baths. Obviously this was a false claim made by Davita employees out of spite but of course even though I talked to the head of our area of Davita there was nothing done. We have always taken him every time they tolds us to.

We were trying to move him elsewhere for dialysis and the head lady came out appologizing to my son saying we didn't have to leave and he told her we were because of turning us in and she said we were just lucky we took him to that appoinment or she would have called again and turned us in. So more threats. My dad had a stroke so couldn't tell us about things going on during dialysis but I talked to other people that went there and they talked about how the employees were yelling and telling people to shut up and alarms going off but them taking their time coming to see why. Many people have died since we had started.


Product or Service Mentioned: Davita Medical Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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