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Davita Medical Port Richey Florida: I have had it with this company. I was told that Humana which is my carrier requires me to get a thorough exam quarterly with blood test, Whether I am ill or not.

I am a senior. Some seniors may love this. I do not. I can see going 2x a year and if I am sick then of course.

But this surprised me, So I contacted Humana directly and they confirmed that this is totally a lie. This decision to see a Dr every three months is the corporate decision from their main office in St. Pete in Florida. It is NOT the directive of Humana.

Then to top it off my Dr told me that if I do not go in as a mandatory order quarterly that I am no longer a patient and I should leave immediately. Boy, as a senior I am really being given the shaft for the profit of da vita group. Never had a dr address me in such an unprofessional way. As a patient I make the decisions.

Also they will cancel any appoints you make with a referred specialist and make the appointment their way. Which may not be to a patients convenience. Then when I asked why they did this because the office I picked and the dr was too far away. When in fact I picked the office I wanted because it had registered the dr.

I DESIRED. Period.

They are not for me anymore. I do not trust them

Reason of review: told an outright lie.

Preferred solution: how can there be a solution when the damage is done.

Davita Cons: Refer to policy.

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Quit bragging about being a senior. I am too, and I hate it.

Isn't just about everyone in Florida an immigrant or a senior ? I've heard it called "God's Waiting Room".

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