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My husband has been going to dialysis for a year and a half. I go with him to lack of trust with with techs and rns.

We are not the normal dialysis patient. We question everything and will not let change or adjust anything. They have tried to change his dry weight , schedule fistulagrams , change his flow rate or pump rate without discussing this with us. I realize they do this with the elderly patients.

We did an unneeded fistula gram bc a tech couldnt hook him up and the paper work was signed by his Dr we havent seen in 3 months. We let the hospital know its under investigation. The dialysis nurse said the Dr trust her and signs off on anything. Ur nurses are over worked and in return become very *** towards patients.

Clinics are dirty with flies and an *** roaches. Instead of doing football decorations why do you try cleaning or hiring more techs so you have better patient care. They have meetings and the patents bells were ringing for over 9 min b4 I asked someone to please shut it off.. We see social workers maybe once a month and there are no insurance help at all.

Hoping to get my husband on pd so we wont have to deal with this clinic. But you know all of this.

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QUOTE : " We are not the normal dialysis patient " WE are not the patient, HE is. You as the poster must explain a number of things to the lay reader : most of us (thankfully) know little to nothing about dialysis so you can't go slinging the medical terms and abbreviations with us because it remains undefined.

Dirty we understand. Fistula we do not.

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