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i worked here for almost 3 years as Patient Relation Officer (PRO).

What i can say here is almost all the nurse here are lazy and always on the phone talking to their family.

About the family matters,i am ok with that but the things is,they ignore the patient who really need help.They just gathers at Doctor's room and chatting each others until the next shift.

i am as a PRO here need to handle all the situation at treatment room together with our drivers.

when the machine alarm,they did not step out from that room.They just yelled from inside asked me or our driver to make it stop.

Beside hanging in room the also love surfing on lazada,shoppee or facebook.Not to mention always cheating on taking BP.They just wrote it down.The BP did not check every hours like it required.

To Davita Malaysia please train you staffnurse properly and make them aware with their role as a nurse.

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I have experienced issues with some of the staff at Houston, TX Davita. I have spoken with several patients and their family members in the lobby who also have had bad experiences and the general consensus is the techs and nurses spend hours on their cell phones making personal phone calls and ignoring the patients the majority of the time.

I have a loved one who is on dialysis and there are constant issues, my loved is left to bleed out, they speak rudely to patients and their families. This place should have a visit from OIG.

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