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In Jan. 2017, a tech.

at his DeVita dialysis location asked me to look at my father's fistula so he could show me something. According to him It was a pseudo anuerisym(?). A VERY thin area on his fistula that was paper thin. He said that we neede to get him to the surgeon who created his AV graft.

We went and the surgeon said to keep an eye on it and not to let the techs. use this area. He never called and ordered this directive himself. He gave me a little surgical marker to draw around this area on dialysis days to remind the staff.

Really? That's my job? When I brought him back in I told the tech. who had showed me the area and told him that the surgeon said to stay away from this area when they cannulated him.

The tech. was shocked and said that it was more serious than that and to get another opinion so we did and this vascular surgeon said my father had to have an emergency surgery the next day and he prformed a revision or resection? He placed a temporary line in chest. After a period of some weeks he said that the revision could be used.

Upon the first attempt to cannulate him Devita let a tech. with only 17 hrs. expierience and who was being coached by another tech., attempt to cannulate the revised AV graft. The tech.

could not get the needles in properly and my dad heard the senior tech. tell her to stop and that this was ruining the new graft. They went back and used the temporary line. That night my dad's arm, on the graft side swelled up huge with blood and in the morning he was very frightened as was myself so we took him to DeVita where they looked at it.

One of the techs who looked at it said,"That didn't happen here, he must have hit his arm on something." I wanted to scream at this idiot that it happened there because the inexpierienced tech ran the needles through it repeatedly but instead asked to speak with the tech who had coached her. Guess what? I was told that he was no longer there. My father had to go back in for another emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and the surgeon said that as long as they stayed away from the area that they could cannulate the AV graft.

The very first time back, when they tried to cannulate him they did it right in the area they were not supposed to and it swelled with blood again and my poor dad had to have another emergency surgery after which the surgeon said that he would never have another AV graft and he would need to stay on the temporary line. The same line that they always wanted him off of because of infection risk. We were horrfied by now and my father thought he was being tortured by DeVita and became so frightened by it all that he begged me not to take him back. Keep this in mind; my father's blood work was so good prior to all this that his dialysis was reduced to twice a week from three and it stayed perfect.

He was in his eighties but still made love to his wife and could drink all the fluids he wanted too he had the best blood work results in the place, every month. He had a lot of life left with quality. After all this he was so mentally screwed that he could not bear the thought of going back and he refused and said that they were not competent and he was right. He was tortured for so long and was so scared that he just could not go back from fear of the dialysis center and fear of the temporary line getting infected and just the whole thing.

He lived for a little over two weeks and passed. I miss my dad so bad. Yes he was old but he had quality of life before they caused that psuedo anuerism(?) by not rotating where they cannulated him. THEY CAUSED THE PROBLEM because they were always in a rush and so they stuck him in the same place again and again until the area on his AV graft was raised and paper thin.

I hope that the those at the top of DeVita rot in ***. Sincerely; Jeffrey E Fish.

Product or Service Mentioned: Davita Medical Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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so sad. Happens at all facilities. It’s a nightmare

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