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First nurse could not stick she penetrate my access then when my treatment was over she tried to return my blood back she could not so she thought she cross the line so she forgot to clamp the line and my blood went all over the floor she then drop my line on the dirty floor pick it up and clean it with some gauze instead on a alcohol i told her she was wrong for cleaning /sanitizing it before she put it back together she agreed i told her the reason she could not return the blood back because the bag was empty so she showed me a picture she took with a bag full of blood and fluid so she went and got a new bag and dump the whole bag in my system now I'm over loaded with fluid so when she began to tape me up instead of lifting the gauze up a little she took it all the way off and blood spayed all over me and my wheel chair i was told i could gotten a blood clot when she dump the that bloody bag in my system Davita nurse at Belleville memorial hospital in il.

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