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During the last several months, The Dietitian (Jorgensen) employed at 260 Hospital Rd has been discussing client, Andrea Kyle Cruz Hanley's medical treatment with her doctor. I am uncertain of Andreas doctor's name, but he insist she is in need of a surgical procedure, and the dietitian tells him she does not, and she is only insisting on the procedure to capture money's that had been collected.

I have heard the Dietitian discuss this outside the facility setting and directly with the parents. The dietitian is a close family member with Andrea's family, and often keeps them informed of her and Andrea's doctors conversations.

Andrea is a 34 year old female and does not wish her medical conversation/history to be shared. This was mentioned to the Dietitian and her response was, "I have spoken with the facility manager, and this is not a problem." To add to this situation, both Andrea and her parents are in civil litigation with the courts in Blairsville, Union County Georgia.

Product or Service Mentioned: Davita Customer Care.

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