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My name is E. F.

a nocturnal dialysis patient Davita Omni Dialysis Clinic in Houston, Texas. I recently made a complaint to Texas Department of State Health Services, about some unfair and possible compliance concerns and issues that were happening to me and other patients at DaVita Omni. Upon making my complaint to DSHS, I also sent the same complaint to the Corporate office of DaVita. On April 18, 2012, I submitted a complaint letter to Julia Lewis, Social Worker at DaVita Omni concerning sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature by a male nurse.

To better the situation and to emotionally heal, I voluntarily agreed to remove myself from nocturnal to the day shift for a month until an investigation was done concerning my complaints.

It was at that point that I was retaliated against due to my complaints. On May 30, 2012 without any warning, I wasambused in a maeeting with DaVita management and executives and was asked to leave the facility and was escorted out by a Houston Police Officer. I was told that due to my disruptive behavior by submitting complaints to the corporate office and to the Department of State Health Services, I was given a number of days to find another dialysis facility and my kidney doctor, who is the Medical Director for the DaVita Omni clinic, tod me that he could no longer be my doctor. I was abandoned by my doctor and my DaVita without being under medical care.

I am also a recent below the knee right leg amputee in a wheelchair and posed no harm or threat to anyone within the facility so I saw no need for a Houston Police Officer escort. I have had meetings and sessions in the past with administrators without his happening and could not understand why these events were taking place now due to my complaints as a patient. With the help of Patient Advocate Arlene Mullin-Tinker, I was able to find another facility that would take me and dialyze me, only to fnd out when I got there, I was being black-balled by the Social Worker from DaVIta Omni. She had called my new dialysis facility and told the Social Worker there what had happened to me at DaVita violating my HIPPA rights as a patient.

I am asking that the Denver Post would please investigate this matter for me and help me in seeking justice for the way I was mistreated as a loyal and compliant patient of six years at DaVita Omni.

Arlene Mullin-Tinker is a life saver and she can be contacted at 1 (202) 567-1616 if you need help. You can also contact Dialysis Patient Advocate Voice on Facebook for assistance.

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I have been black balled by Davita also, the have written in my notes or records derogatory statements about my character as a dialysis patient. I really saddens me to know that people don't even consider the challenges we go thru on a daily basis.

I believe I cant return to Davita because of what the wrote in my records. It is really sad.Type your message here


This seems to be the norm for Davita. They are crooks and liars.

And this is what we have to put up with...adults in the medical field??? I don't know how they sleep at night. They have no souls!!!

All of us folks who have been discriminated against across the country should get together and file a class action lawsuit against Davita.

They stick together with their lies and evil ways and so should we. Their behavior has to stop and they have to be made accountable for their actions

to Anonymous #1377989

The CEO is a money grubbing clown named Kent Thiry. He calls himself the mayor of Davita!

Davita has paid out over a billion dollars over law suits!

They treat their employees and most of all patients like crap! The place is a joke!

to Anonymous #1505269

I do agree totally, we should form a committee for an overhaul of Davita professionalism with its techs and nurses. Medicaid and Medicare should join in since they are paying our cost.

I would also like to see a coalition of dialysis voters only.

So we can represent ourselves and have some form of power. if you believe in this also please email me Ramonaobrie1@gmail.com


I have worked at Davita for six years. I am a technician but recently graduated fron R.N.

school. I just got off work and was so disgusted. I work in Oklahoma. I watched a new patient sit for two hours in the lobby waiting for the charge nurse to put in orders for the patient.

She should hve made this a top priority, we are always shorthanded, overworked, understaffed, and we have people in charge with little to no dialysis experience. I have complained about sexual harrassment from nurses. We had a nurse who verbally abused patients all the time. He walked away from a patient having a heart attack and would not even call 911.

I reported it and I did not leave that patient. I put O2 on him and stayed until an ambulance came. I had just started working there! No one but me and the secretary would help him because he was schizophrenic and complained a lot.

I still work there not for the pay because I get paid less than other people that have been there less. I love my patients. Yes they can sometimes neglect themselves and be noncompliant. But who doesn't now and then.

I am the worse patient when I am sick. It is our responsibility as nurses to educate, reeducate, and continually evaluate our patients emotional and physical needs always. We have no excuse. Our patients can have some degree of excuse if they are not educated properly!

Besides patients have different cultural and background beleifs. We have to be mindful they can not change bad habits over night. They look to us for help and guidance and they trust us. We can not be neglectful of any need even if it is not dialysis related.

That is what a refferal is for! We are to direct them to someone that can find out what is going on with them and get them the help they need if we can't. Then we do an evaluation and make sure they got the care they needed to solve the issues at hand. That *** making the comments does not work with patients and doesn't care to.

I am truly sorry for all that has happened to all of you. Wish you the best and God bless.

to Anonymous #1505274

I thank you for your consideration and loyalty as a dialysis tech but let me remind you of something as well. I have been on dialysis for 20 some years.

It is not that we are uneducated or non compliance intentionally. But some times we give up. WE point blank are tired and depressed and have no hope. As an caregiver it should be one of your skills not to scold a uncooperative patient but to seek help for them emotionally or psychologically.

Do you know the stages of Death a person go thru.

Well we are constantly going thru does stages.Type your message hereDenial Anger and so on.It is more medical then cultural or defiancy. And these young tech are so unprofessional and not trained at all to refer help for a patient that lost hope.

California, Pennsylvania, United States #704509

Sorry to hear this .... but I work for Davita and have worked as a tech for a while.

It seems to me that not all the story is being told here. Patients have flirt with me but I cut them off. Was this the case with you. It seems to me that patients don't always take responsibility for there words or actions.

You may be an amputee but you can still abuse someone with words.

Knowingly aim your chair at us. Etc

Just wondering

to De Houston, Texas, United States #716952

No De, that was not the case. I am a person of integrity and I don't flirt with staff.

Plus I am already ina cmitted relationship so I would hVE NO NEED TO FLIRT OR AE ADVANCE t someone else. And if this is happening toyou, I am just wondering, instead of cutting them off, why haven't you made a complaint against that patients. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT YO MAKE UNWANTED ADVANCES AT ANYONE, whether they are staff or a patient. It's very unfortunate that you think that I am not telling the whole truth simply because you were/are being sexually harassed by a patient.

Your story is your story and my story is my story and your truth is your truth and my truth is my truth. I am not doubting what happened to you so why do you what happened to me? If indeed what happened to you truly happened then you should have made a complaint against that patient.

Maybe you didn't because you thought and knew you would have been kicked out of the clinic like I was when I complained. And that's the whole story DE!!!!

to De #1055073

You are an unsympathetic ***. I hope you are no longer in the medical field.

No employee at Davita looks good enough to jeopardize your health over. I would nor be surprised if you are the problem at that clinic ....***!

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1056094

Thank you Anonymous for posting your positive comment pertaining to my story. I know that some people will not agree with me or what happened to me and I also know that DaVita has people who post negative comments on here to discredit my story, but I stand in truth in my heart and can say that I DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO WARRANT THE ADVANCES THAT WERE MADE AT ME!

As a matter of fact, I have recently discovered that the said employee no longer works there. Although I couldn't get justice for myself, I am at least relieved to know that no other patient there will have to endure with the perverted advances that I had to.

Pine Brook, New Jersey, United States #658442

There's always going to be a rotten fruit in a basket. My POV is why would an organization (ie clinic) call in the cops without reasonable cause. All patients have the right to complain. But seriously? Calling the Houston PD to escort your just because you filed a complaint. There's more to the story than what you're telling this board.

"She had called my new dialysis facility and told the Social Worker there what had happened to me at DaVita violating my HIPPA rights as a patient."

The reality is even if DaVita is losing a patient to a competition, off the record things will be said. The receiving clinic may take it as a grain of salt (that's perfectly okay) and they can take it from there.

Please let us know how the investigation ended.

to Kabooz Houston, Texas, United States #1056096

Hi Kabooz, the lawsuit is still in full effect so we will see! For legal reasons I cannot discuss the case but I will tell you that if you know someone who may be a patient of DaVita, please review your summary of benefits from your insurance very closely. CHECK THE CHARGES FROM DAVITA!


My Dad was a patient at the Davita Dialysis center in St Cloud, FL. He recently moved in with my sister down in Sebring, FL only to be hospitalized after only being down there for a week.

He is in such bad shape that the hospital staff is trying to stay positive about his situation but do not expect his expectancy to last years, but months. I went with him to his last Davita appointments because he was complaining that his left leg kept going numb & would hurt him. The staff there seemed nice, but when we went there complaining about his leg, the doctor there said it was common in diabetic patients & then prescribed him Neurontin. It took us an entire week for them to ship the prescription from the Davita pharmacy!

The doctor said it could take up to TWO MONTHS before we would notice a change. In the meantime, it was hurting whenever he walked, swelled up, turned purplish-blue & felt cold to the touch. The hospital my sister had taken him to had to perform emergency surgery to open his veins back up to get bloodflow back to his muscles in his legs, they had been so long with out bloodflow. He almost lost his left leg & the right leg was deteriorating as well.

He also had a heart attack while in the hospital because his heart was under so much stress from his legs. Davita was just ok with letting my dads condition worsen without ordering tests to make sure all he needed was the Neurontin in the first place. That & these 'so-called report cards' my dad would bring home telling us his levels were good, enough to warrant a 'smiley face' rating when clearly according to the hospital they aren't. My dad could've died yesterday, but luckily the hospital was on top of it.

His condition was just as bad as BEFORE he started on the Davita dialysis!! Needless to say, my sisters, brother & I are pissed off at Davita for not doing what they should have!! We lost our mom in Jan 2010 & thought for sure dad was going to be with her here soon too but now he's stable once he got away from Davita & into a new facility. Once my dad is out of ICU & the hospital (even though his expectancy isn't very good), we are suing Davita.

I was researching Davita & happened upon this & was just shocked, but it further cemented the way we've been feeling about Davita & I wanted to share my story even if I am in another state. I'm sorry you had to go through all that but DO WHAT YOU FEEL IS RIGHT..SUE THEIR *** OFF!!

I know we are definity going to be consulting a lawyer!! Good luck!!

to S in Florida #662214

Your Dad wouldn't be on dialysis in the first place if he had been compliant and taken care of himself. A dialysis clinic takes care of his kidneys, not his vascular problems or heart issues.

It is his responsibility to see another specialist for these issues and to have those test ordered, not the clinic that does his dialysis. So many dialysis patients want their nephrologist to be their pcp and do everything for them.

The only mistake Davita made was prescribing anything for his leg pain, they should have referred him to his pcp since it was not related to his dialysis. Quit blaming everyone else for your Dad's ignorance and ignoring his own health for all these years.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #678735

Your Dad wouldn't be on dialysis in the first place if he had been compliant and taken care of himself. A dialysis clinic takes care of his kidneys, not his vascular problems or heart issues.

It is his responsibility to see another specialist for these issues and to have those test ordered, not the clinic that does his dialysis. So many dialysis patients want their nephrologist to be their pcp and do everything for them. The only mistake Davita made was prescribing anything for his leg pain, they should have referred him to his pcp since it was not related to his dialysis.

Quit blaming everyone else for your Dad's ignorance and ignoring his own health for all these years. :(

to Anonymous Burlington, Massachusetts, United States #695869

but with all that said, there are nurses there that have to do foot checks in which is part of there nursing care plans, and kidneys can shut down not only by having diabetes, hypertension or just taking the wrong medication or just having car accident or siezure, so yes we can be careful in life but when a child is born with one and later on in the years it start having decrease functioning in the kidneys what would you say then, the bottom line the nurses and nephrologist need to be proactive in caring for patients..... so be mindful on how you write thing and blaming if the whole story wasnt told, cause it may seem as if you are being ignorant on the issues at hand, remember a nurse is a nurse and we are there to assess not assume....

to Rena RN Houston, Texas, United States #695927

WOW!!! Thank you Rena for you positive comments!!

Many people don't realize the complications that comes with being a dialysis patient. Also, just to let you know, there are some clinics that do not access patients limbs or extremities. It's sad but it's true!

But I love you quote and I am definitely going to use it "Nurses are there to access, not to assume!" Well said and well done Rena!! Bravo!

to Anonymous #708996


to ***CERNED #716483

Not necessarily... you just have to be part of the family with a sick one, and observed how things are done, and is childish to believe that someone is being paid for ...company's as big as this one are sure are not violating any legal situation, and yes Nurses are there to do this and that but the primary responsibility is yours.

I got tired of seeing how we the people are so left without the thinking and expect others to do that, when are we going to stop?

to ***CERNED #1054856

I agree! I worked at DaVita and left because the company is more concerned about PROFITS than QUALITY CARE FOR THEIR PATIENTS. We were constantly given instructions on how to cut corners and time when it came to our patient's care, which ironically, the nurses, the doctors and the midical director generated large BONUSES at the patient's expense!

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