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Hi thanks for taking this complaint about this location Crescent City Dialysis 3909 bienville street suite 1b my name is GREGORY BARROW I am on dialysis for the past 3 to 4 yrs I have always brought my breakfast from Mc Donald's I spend $5.90 Monday,Wendsday,Friday I do not get a lot of money and this is the way I survive with the little money I make I do not get food stamps n can not afford to pay for healthy food the food list for wich I was told is except able while I'm on the machine is food I don't eat my patient rites have been violated an my life has been threatened to stop dialysis if I bring my affordable breakfast in to treatment floor. I have been at several different facilities an I was asked to sign a release form to eat on the machine I was taking my on life into consideration an I still signed it because this is what I can afforded I'm sorry but this is wrong an now I may have to move to a different company n get a lawyer for my patient rites 2 people have decided this for *** lot of patients who are here 3 to 5 and half hours there names are Amanda M. Williamson FA,MBA also the doctor Dr.Stephen Morse, Medical Director so if u would please contact me ASAP please

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I know what u mean and I am so sorry that this had happen I kind of went though soming like that but it was me not haveing a doctor could not pay to see the doctor did not have the money to get my blood pressure pills and every one u need to take your pills go to the doctor just all in my ear but it was easy for other people to say things they know nothing about what we go though but we just trust in the lord and we will be ok


Many of our patients struggle with the renal diet and must learn new ways to deal with their finances and what is suggested to consume for the best possible outcomes for their life. Your Social Worker and Dietician are valuable assets plus check out some of the local food bank guidelines and learn what and WHY the renal diet follows the strict guidelines...I truly feel for you if you are also diabetic as that is a double whammy but we have many patients who manage and thrive, still working full time jobs, and the ones who do not want to learn or be told anything that go through the gamut of worse outcomes: painful bone disease, amputations from various areas of the body once the circulatory system is compromised...fingers, toes, hands, feet, legs, and even your manhood can be involved!

This does not happen quickly, I have seen patients whittled away bit by bit and cried with them when they realized all the times we tried to educate and were cursed out or ignored that there was nothing we could do for them now as the damage is done, bone, heart, etc.

I had the sweetest little lady that I loved talking to and she signed the "Dangers of eating on dialysis" paper as she was constantly picking at something while on the machine and was willing to take the risks of what could happen if her blood pressure dropped and well educated to the dangers (our clinic allowed eating if the patient was educated and signed the release.

I am thankful I was not there when her pressure dropped, she choked, inhaled contents into her lungs and died from aspiration pneumonia, as a caregiver I love my job as a nurse but must abide by the fact I and the team can educate every patient but must respect the fact they also have choices in their compliance and how they want to manage their care along with the team. Best of luck to you, my heart goes out to you and I pray you do not end up as some that I hold their hand and my heart breaks with and for them once they reach the point of no return.

Please reach out to your team listed above for help and references in your area.

to Thoughts Boys Town, Nebraska, United States #841367

Until YOU sit in that chair for 3-5 hrs every other day you need to take your condescending ignorant attitude somewhere else. You only show how much ignorance is out there and how such ignorant people deem to make an opinion about something they have never experienced .

Being poor is NOT a choice, I too am in the same boat.I would love to get a job, unfortunately With the other illnesses I have that isn't possible. So easy to spout off about healthy eating when you can afford it.There are millions of poor people who HAVE to eat the junk manufacturers make , because it is cheap& affordable. You mr.

Or ms. Who ever you are need to get yourself informed before making such ignorant statements!!!!!

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #645966

no one can tell you what to eat but you should not eat while on the machine sorry but it is my right to not have to sit next to you and look at and smell your regurgitated mcdonalds after you puck if i am another patient and as a nurse i really dont want to have to clean it up just because you want to do what you want to do maybe if you had tried listening to someone you might have saved your kidneys and then would not be on dialysis three times a week grow up

to just saying Boys Town, Nebraska, United States #841371

Another ignorant *** making ignorant statements. Not everyone who is one dialysis mistreated their body.

God what is wrong with you? Isn't there enough dam problems during treatment with out idiots like you making it worse? I suppose you like the big brother treatment it is people like you who are undermining the very fabric of our constitutional rights .

You want to be told what to do, it makes you feel sad soldiers have died for the freedoms you so recklessly throw away...get a clue....I for one refuse to be treated as a child , or an imbecile. Good luck follower....

to just saying #1568887

There are many reasons why people end up in dialysis. Have a heart and be mindful of what you say.


In the state I work in, the government says NO FOOD allowed in the treatment area at dialysis clinics. This is for infection control and safety issues for the patients.

Dialysis can cause blood pressure to drop suddenly and the patient sometimes passes out or even may have a seizure. This is an emergency situation and is common during dialysis treatments. If the patient has food in his mouth, he could choke. His windpipe could become blocked.

This adds additional threat to your life during an existing crisis situation. The dialysis staff can not control what you eat. They can only educate you on the proper foods to eat to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Whose fault will it be when you blood vessels are hardened from calcification or when your heart can't beat because of calcification.

These problems can be avoided or delayed with proper diet. Even more important--Is there anyone in your life that will care if you are brain dead from not being able to breath because that food you had in you mouth kept you from breathing when your blood pressure dropped and you passed out during your dialysis treatment?! What is the staff at this clinic thinking--food should only be allowed in the waiting area.

Shame on all of you.


I don't think they could force you to not eat McDonalds, only educate you that it is extremely high in phosphorus, if you already have high phosphorus then you are compromising your vascular integrety. I have known 3 patients lose legs from it.

So there is that and in order to digest the food you eat, your intestines need blood. So while on the machine, the blood is being pulled away from your body and at the same time to your gut to digest that yummy McDs. In some patients this causes complications, most notable a patient may get physically sick.

One of the most dangerous being if you have food in your mouth and your blood pressure drops causing you to pass out, you can choke or aspirate on the food in your mouth and get pneumonia or die. As long as you are aware of the dangers and the clinic has documented, our patients eat.


you're rights are being violated. Unless the doctor striclty prohibits McDonalds, then you are entitled to eat what you like.

Sometimes I drop off breakfast tacos or burritos to a patient at a dialysis center. Many times patients need some type of food in order to prevent their glucose levels from dipping. I think you're food is just making the techs' mouths salivate and they want to eat your food.

I suggest taking your food out of the McDonald's wrapper and placing it a plain zip lock bag with a plain napkin in the mean time. For them to tell you that bringing your food is unacceptable means that everyone's elses food is also unacceptable.

to yum Houston, Texas, United States #724871

You are ***! You are a contributor to the death od these patients if they aspirate in treatment!

Just ***! Not to mention that they should eat before coming in. As for glucose dropping during treatment they should again eat before coming in. Unless you are a nurse or doctor who can take care of these people in the event of glucose dropping then sit down and shut up!

YOU are a problem. YOU are not helping these people stick to a decent renal diet as prescribed! YOU are actually killing them with your stupidity! So...knowitall...keep on doing the wrong thing!

If YOU are really concerned with their wellbeing and hunger...get a copy of the renal diet amd supply them with what is healthy for them. Also, are YOU going to code them when they have aspirated from vomiting on treatment?

Go sit down and shut up. YOU are more of a hazard to them that diabetes!

to yum #735959

anonymous: This PT's rights are not violated. It is a state law in most states to NOT have food on the treatment floor, for infection control.

People can eat what they chose to eat, but if they are eating foods that are not on the recommended diet for dialysis patients they do not care about their health or prognosis. Food that are restricted are restricted for a reason. TO reduce risks of other health related problems such as calicification of the arteries, which causes heart attack or stroke, and most PT do not die from kidney failure they die due other heath related issues.

many caused by diet.... this person does not have a right to bring any kind of food on the treatment floor if it is a state law that prohibits it.


Try doing Peritoneal Dialysis..that way you stay at home and you save on transportation and having to eat out. Plus you can eat more protein as well as potassium rich foods.

Bay City, Michigan, United States #614227

Why couldnt you eat before or after dialysis? This way you dont put your blood pressure in danger of dropping to low.

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