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DaVita is the most unprofessional, uncaring, ignorant of procedure and the law, negligent and downright dangerous group of medicos I have EVER encountered. I would rather be treated by someone with no more than a basic knowledge of first aid than these people.

We have caught them red-handed falsifying medical records ( a felony), changing prescriptions without authorization (AKA practicing medicine without a license...yet another felony), being criminally negligent in not attending to emergent situations such as a serious bleed or a patient falling into a comatose state. They are blatantly racist and abusive to the patients, they are unskilled in procedure including sterile procedures (one would think that one who handles needles for a living all day would know better than to come to work with a raging cold around patients whose immune systems are compromised, let alone to sneeze into their hand and then go to the next patient without washing or using gloves...right?) How about physical assault? Is that a good one ? I can write a book...and I think I just may...of the horrors I have seen at ALL Davita facilities I have ever come in contact with.

As a former nurse myself, I find their way of doing "business" appalling. It is hardly no wonder that their death rate is very nearly half !

RUN, do not walk, away from this company at your first opportunity. They are death traps.

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Thank you. When I displayed concern and recited policy, I was labled aggressive and was written up.

I watched a patient code twice because the charge nurse wasn't skilled nor prepared for any emergency.

I see nasty things done daily and not allowed to speak on it or I'll be fired. But thanks to seeing comments like this I know its time to move on!

to Anonymous Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #1254998

I am actually sorry that a good worker feels compelled to leave due to daVita's dearth of compassion and ignorance. But I wish you the best in your future.


Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #866715

Has anyone else found rampant racism at their DaVita facility? The last one we went to systematically drove out everyone but black people. I don't mean JUST white people, either...Latino, Asian, whatever, as long as they weren't black, they were harangued unmercifully until they either died from neglect or moved out on their own.

to snodly #1076042

Well the Davita in El paso Tx will ONLY hire Hispanics not one black work for that company in the El paso area, I guess Davita forgot that El Paso is part of the United States of America.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #866063

I wholeheartedly agree that davita is a shabby excuse for healthcare. These people are neither caring, compassionate, nor competent.

The untrained and unknowledgeable staff are the worst excuse for science that I have ever seen!! The staff rarely if ever even wash their hands over entire eight-hour shifts (I have asked them, their reply was that they wear gloves although what I've witnessed was distinctly different). Oh yeah, how would I know...I am a retired physician.

As I've read elsewhere, run don't walk from these terrible facilities. RUN!!


My Davita was the Wolf River Davita facility in Memphis TN. This facility was more focused on covering their butts with falsified paperwork and Psuedo documentation.

One treatment day they had a pump failure for one of their dialyser water sources, SO instead of informing the patients and diverting them to another facility to get the proper treatment, they plugged the patients requiring the proper bath to the incorrect water source. This can be fatal to patients who are high on POTASSIUM which potentially could stop their hearts if the potassium in their blood reaches too high of a level. I spotted it at the end of my session and raised a fuss about it. The Mgr ran out to try and smooth it over but I wasn't buying it.

She said she had a doctors order. I asked to see it mmediately as the doctor she stated wasn't one of my doctors. (How can a doctor who hasn't seen a patient render an order??) She returned with a lab sheet, with a note IN HER HANDWRITING with my docs name on it.

He said he didn't write it!! This isn't an isolated incident of this facility mis dosing patients for the facility benefit, causing their blood lab work to be incorrect, then harp after the patient for their bad lab results!!!


I understand, June....but unfortunately, I have written and photographic proof of everything I say. Of course, I have ONLY encountered this type of behavior at FIVE different DaVita facilities across different states, and have ONLY presented DaVita corporate with the evidence a half dozen time or so...I will tell you this...I know for a fact that the government IS investigating them, as we have been interviewed for that purpose.

There are other dialysis facilites we have worked with that are much more professional.

I personally have one friend who was told he should just give up and die by a DaVita manager; another that I hope does NOT die while trying to get transferred out, and one who, unfortunately, DID. Please get to another company as soon as you can !

to snodly #1042147

Wow. You sure get around.

You complain, but nothing else. Sounds like a disgruntled "nurse" to me. If you have proof, submit to CMS and stop your whining.

You use BIG words here....words that might get you a lot of money for the government if substantiated, but I highly doubt that. "Photographic" proof....laughable.

to Anonymous #1042267

How nice that you find people's lives being put on the line as "laughable". And how very compassionate to see this as a "whine" instead of a warning.

I'm sorry that I felt it necessary to use words with more than one syllable and therefore made it difficult for you to understand. The proof of which you speak has ALREADY been submitted, which is one of the reasons why the Feds are investigating them...which you would have known had you read the whole statement. I'm sorry there are no drawings to make you understand. And you can doubt whatever you want, but until you're the one taking care of someone who had to have open heart surgery to replace an infected heart valve from an infection that came from this nasty clinic, you have no room to talk.

I do wonder, however, why this has stepped on your little personal feelings.

Got stock in Davita, or just have nothing better to do? Take a look at the physician's statement here who agrees with ME.

to snodly #1084161

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #854255

this scares the *** out of me!!!! Is this really happening or is it pt just really pissed off...Don't get me wrong I believe what your saying,but how do you know other dialysis centers are better...I have had some bad times at my unit in Cherry Hill...the nurses for the most part are wonderful...It is the head nurse and her boss that i know have lied...I call the unit to speak to them and they won.t pick up...they send a tech to talk or give me the answer...I have ask to be called early if an opening comes up...they won't put it in the communicative book...

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